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Seva Sindhu Portal

Seva Sindhu, an integrated portal designed to provide citizens with government-related services, has been launched by the Karnataka government. Seva Sindhu was created as part of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s Department of Electronics and Information Technology’s e-District Mission Mode Project (MMP) (Deity). Seva Sindhu’s vision is to make government services more accessible, affordable, dependable, and transparent. It also raises citizens’ awareness and assists with government initiatives and amenities through effective information transmission. In this article, we’ll look at the features of the Seva Sindu portal in greater detail.

The Advantages of Seva Sindhu

  • Some of the key benefits that Seva Sindhu provides to citizens are as follows:
  • The Seva Sindhu Portal connects citizens to a variety of government services through a single point of contact.
  • Outside of office hours, citizens can submit service requests through the Seva Sindhu Portal Online.
  • Citizens can check the status of their service application at any time and from any location.
  • Citizens can also obtain citizen services by visiting any of the nearby Gram Panchayat Level Common Service Centres.
  • Citizens will have access to a centralised helpdesk where they will be able to get answers to their questions and have their concerns addressed.
Services of Seva Sindhu The following departments operate through this portal and are listed in the list of service providers:
  • Revenue Department
  • Commercial Taxation Department
  • Drug Control Department • Food and Civil Supplies Department
  • Department of Transportation • Department of Planning
  • Information and Public Relations Department
  • Kannada and Culture Department
  • Senior Empowerment and Empowerment Department
  • Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)
  • Women and Welfare Department
  • Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
  • LaborDepartmentRevenue Department
An income certificate, a caste certificate, a resident certificate, an agriculture certification certificate, a genuine certificate, a landholding certificate, a widow certificate, and so on must be used to make an online application for the Revenue Depa

Commercial Taxation Department

This department is in charge of registering Karnataka professions, businesses, occupations, and employment.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) (DEA)

Applicants can apply for a licence to manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals and cosmetics online, as well as renew their sales licence, through this department.

Agriculture and Civil Services Departments
It offers services such as adding a member’s name to a ration card, changing an erroneous card category in a ration card, modifying ration cards, and issuing a new ration card to the user.

Department of Planning
Citizens can obtain birth and death certificates from the Department of Planning by completing an online application form for each.

Transportation Department
Any new car owner can register their vehicle with the transportation department by completing an online registration form obtained from the dealership.
Ayush Department
You can get an appeal and a performance certificate from the Ayush Department.

Youth Empowerment and Sports Department

On the Seva Sindhu portal, interested parties can apply for sports scholarships, sports gist awards, and Lifetime achievement awards.

Information and Public Relations Department
The Department of Information and Public Relations uses this site to submit an online application for permission to shoot a film, serial, documentary, short film, advertisement, or other language.

Kannada and Culture Division
Citizens can apply for art team sponsorship as well as a train discount for artists.
Empowerment Department: Empowerment and Senior Empowerment
It provides an online service for obtaining a senior citizen ID card.

Women and Welfare Department
Matrashree’s (pre-delivery stage)
Matrashree’s (post-delivery phase)

Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Submission of an application for sympathetic recruitment of Group C positions

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)
The application of the Bangalore Development Authority for the distribution of the BDA’s acquisition letter

Under the auspices of this department, the following services are available:
A Contract Labor Act registration application for a large employer.
Request a new contractor licencing agreement in accordance with the Contract Labor Act.
The Contractors Labor Act licence renewal application of a contractor.
A request to register the establishment under the Building and Other Construction Wage Act.

How to Sign up for the Seva Sindhu Portal

Citizens can register for various department services through the official Seva Sindhu portal by following the instructions below:


Please enter your login details.

Step 1: Before you can apply for any of the services, you must first create an account.
Existing User Registration

Step 2: Enter your login id, password, and captcha, then click the “Submit” button if you’re already a user.

New User Registration

Step 3: If you are a new user, click the “New Registration” button to be directed to the login application page, where you must fill out the online user registration form.

Please fill in the blanks

Step 4: Finally, enter the required information and press the “Submit” button.

Choose a Department

Step 5: Once you’ve chosen a department, you can start applying for jobs.

Please keep in mind that after submitting an application, the applicant will be given an acknowledgment number as proof.
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