Lic Agent Delhi

LIC is India‘s largest insurance company and also the largest investor in the country, LIC was established in 1956 with the merger of 243 insurance companies and Provident Society. LIC’s headquarter is in Mumbai, LIC’s network is huge. The slogan of LIC is “Yogakshamam vahamyah” – Your welfare is our responsibility. LIC Claims Settlement is the best, if we talk about the world’s No. 1 insurance company in terms of claims paid.

Lic agent Delhi

LIC Agent delhi one of the best lic services providers in delhi ncr.we provide you all type of insurance services and suggest you best Life insurance policy . LIC Agent delhi a authorized lic services providers agent, I am a highly professional and qualified authorized Insurance Agent of the most trusted Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India to serve all income group people

life insurance is a type of agreement with an Insurance company I am a Delhi based LIC AGENT.  LIC OF India offers you all types of policies. the insurance company provides you coverage and gives you lump-sum payment. in short, it is a type of contact with the insurance company. the life insurance company provides you a sum assured amount.
Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the biggest insurance companies in India. there is no need to introduce this company.  it is not just an insurance company it builds trust last 62 years.
When we talk about life insurance the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is LIC Connect us with our facebook page for latest update

Top LIC Insurance Plans

S.N. Lic Plan Number LIC Plan Name Lic Plan Type
1 914 LIC New Endowment Endowment Plans
2 915 LIC Jeevan Anand Endowment Plans
3 917 LIC Single Premium Endowment Endowment Plans
4 933 LIC Jeevan Lakshya Endowment Plans
5 936 LIC Jeevan Labh Endowment Plans
6 943 LIC Aadhaar stabmbh Endowment Plans
7 944 LIC Aadhaar shila Endowment Plans
8 951 LIC Micro Bachat Endowment Plans
9 945 LIC Jeevan Umang Whole life
10 920 LIC 20 Year money back Money Back Plans
11 916 LIC Bima Bachat Money Back Plans
12 921 LIC 25 Year money back Money Back Plans
13 932 LIC Child money back Money Back Plans
14 934 LIC jeevan tarun (Child money back) Money Back Plans
15 947 LIC Jeevan Shiromani Money Back Plans
16 948 LIC Bima Sheree Money Back Plans
17 849 LIC Nivesh Pluse ULIP Plans
18 852 LIC SIIP ULIP Plans
19 917 LIC Single Premium Endowment Single Preum Plans
20 916 LIC Bima Bachat Single Preum Plans
21 822 LIC Anmol Jeevan Term plans
22 855 LIC Jeevan AMAR Term plans
23 956 LIC Pradhan mantri vaya vandana yojna Pension/Anuity Plans
24 850 LIC Jeevan shanti Pension/Anuity Plans
25 904 LIC Jeevan Arogya Health Plans
26 905 LIC Cancer Cover Health Plans Atal Pension Plans

Why Choose LIC

 LIC One of the most trusted insurance company to invest your money in. There are top Reasons why you buy LIC. Taking life insurance is a very important decision, today only 10% of the people in India have insurance, which is why insurance is necessary. In the future, you will also have to do this to fix the future that will happen in your future.

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